Why Reading Quran is Beneficial with Translation?


The holy Quran is a divine book of Muslims revealed 14 century before on the Prophet of Islam – Mohammed PBUH. It is an important manuscript for Muslims that guides them on the straight path. It was revealed in Arabic as Prophet was an Arab and fluent in this language. Reading the book has several benefits even if you read the text you are ought to get many rewards from the Lord, which many many to read the Arabic text without even caring to understand what really goes in the text. This makes reading the translation important and mandatory, how about checking some of the key benefits of reading Quran in the following paragraphs:

Reading the Quran with meaning helps you in fulfilling the duties of a Muslim. It is one of the duties to read and understand the Quran and the Divine book has the right on every Muslim, which can be accomplished only when you read the book with meaning. You understand the obligations you have as a Muslim that takes you on the right path as always.

With reading every letter you get ten rewards even if you are reading the Arabic text. And when you read the book with the meaning, you go one step ahead in understanding the message and duties you have to carry out in your day to day life. This makes you remain at the right path making your rewards just the double of what you were getting earlier.

The other key reason why you should read the divine book with meaning is that it helps you remain guided on the straight path and allow you to remain in the company of good and pious people. Anyone reading the Quran with meaning would one day or the other get the guidance to lead a pious and rightful life. It is the power of the book that encourages you to remain steady on the straight path. Hence reading the book with the translation becomes important.

Your status in this place and hereafter would be raised to the next level and you have bestowed the paradise that remains the ultimate goal of any Muslim. Your status would remain higher in both the worlds provided you read the book and understand it followed by practicing it.

You come close to the ultimate goal of your life, which is only possible when we seek guidance from the book and remain steadfast while practicing the same. Reading the Quran makes and shapes your life provided you read it with meaning and in the right form. Take time to read with meaning and you would be guided at the right path.

The best way to read the Quran with meaning is to learn the language of this divine book. With sites like Quran Academy. You can visit the site to know more about it and understand it.

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