5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Quran

Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Quran

We as human beings remain on a roller coaster ride that makes us happy and sad more often. It is not often possible to remain happy and pleased all the time hence becoming sad and depressed remain the part and parcel of the game called life. At such junctures, people often take resort in spiritual books and Quran comes at the top. He fact is it shapes your life and makes your heart pure and free from negative things. Besides, you have many more reasons to read the book, have a look at the 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read Quran as under:

1). A Source of Guidance – There are many verses in the Quran that refers to the book as the source of guidance for mankind. It says the book is for the guidance of the human being and it leads to the right path. Reading the Quran will help you to remain in the right direction and allow you to spend time and your life as per the guidance of God. It further says, the book takes you from the darkness to light. In the fifth chapter it says, it guides you to peace and lastly in the 17th chapter says, guides you to remain suitable.

2). You Understand the purpose of your life – The other reason to read the Quran is that it helps in understanding the purpose of existence. The Quran is the ultimate answer to the question of life and it gives you the chance to suffice the purpose of your life. It tells you how the earth and the universe were created and how giving you the reason to lead your life as per the laws of the Book. As the Quran says, God has created every human being for His worship that shows the purpose of your life.

3). Learn More on Islam: With the rise of Islamophobia, the religion of Islam has been presented as an object of hate. May claim that it encourages terrorism and killing of non-muslims, however, on the contrary it encourages life and exhorts people to live in peace and harmony. In fact, the very term Islam means peace. Reading the Quran tells you the true teachings of Islam.

4). Be amazed by several scientific miracles – There are several scientific miracles that remain in the book and was later learnt by many scientists and academicians. Reaching the Quran will help you know many facts that modern science has found today and it has been existing in the book since the past 14 centuries.

5). Learn more about God – It is the God only who has created this world and we get to know more about Him and His creations only through the book of the Quran. Learn to read and understand the Quran only from Quran Academy.

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