5 Tips to Improve your relationship with the Quran

Do you read the Quran in rare times? Do you touch the divine books at seldom times, if yes then you have reached the stage where you should improve your relationship with the book? Regardless of the case and class you belong, the following tips will help you in improving upon your relationship with the divine book, have a look at them as under:

1). Check your Heart first before you touch the book – The mantra to benefit the best from the Quran is to check your heart first before you touch the divine book. Now, ask yourself, are you reading it to get the information or just for the sake of it. Remember what prophet used to describe his wife – walking Quran, this is only possible when you have a strong relationship with the book.

2). Do your ablution or Wudu – By doing the wudu you not only make yourself physically clean but also prepare yourself mentally. This will make the way out for reading the book. Remember reading the book is interaction with God, hence you need to clean yourself as you would be talking to your lord with him.

3). Start gradually – Starting to read the Quran should be gradual. Start with five minutes and keep on adding the time duration adding 5-5 minutes daily to reach to an hour on a daily basis. With this, you develop your interest in reading the book for a longer duration and benefiting the best with it. The
stronger is your bond with the book the higher are the benefits.

4). Understand the meaning while you read the book – Merely reading the Arabic text will not suffice the purpose. You need to understand the meaning of the verses you have read. First, recite in Arabic and then read the translation for the number of verses you have just undergone through it. If you have time, try to read the commentary of the verses as well written by giant scholars of their age allowing you to get the meaning between the lines.

5). Learn the Language of the Quran – There are many online and offline classes that cover teaching you the language of the holy book. Joining these courses would help you learn and master the vocabulary of the Quranic words used in various chapters of the book. This will help you in understanding the meaning of the Quran without any hassle and thus remain guided at the right path while strengthening your relationship with the book and eventually to your lord.

Wrapping up

There are various ways that can help you in strengthening your relationship with the divine book. The above are some of the basic tips and tricks that you can master and thus help in moving things in the right direction.

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