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The mission of Quran Academy is to make Quran learning simple and effective. With user-friendly and simple learning modules and teachers with par excellent track record, the Institute envisions to educate the modern day online learners the best roping in the best form of online learning systems.

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Quran Academy aspires to be the ultimate Quran learning platform for people of a different faith, , and creed. It aspires to reach to every quarter and segment of the web landscape educating hungry souls willing to seek guidance for here and hereafter.



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About Us

Quran Academy is an emerging online Quran Learning school, which has its base in Central India. It is number one online Quran reading and learning service providers in Central India willing to serve people all across the world. Quran Academy is not just any other online Quran tutoring service provider, but a full-fledged Quran learning Institute having the best practices and techniques to explore the ultimate guide to humanity called Quran. With a meager start, it has taken a big shape in just a few years and now aspire to reach the online learners from all across the world with the best methods of learning the Quran. With the best online learning tools and resources, Quran Academy is a brand in itself and now with its online presence, it aspires to spread the message of Quran through effective learning methods seeking competitive teachers and knowledgeable mentors.